Scarlet Kingdom

Cerulia, a world where technology and magic collide in an intense battle for supremacy. Avaria has become a battleground for dominance in an all out arms race.

Luma is an immortal warrior who yearns for release from humanity's endless darkness. But everything changes when she undertakes a seemingly straightforward task: to find and return a child, altering the course of her life and beliefs forever.

Prepare for a captivating journey filled with unforgettable characters, thrilling combat, and a rich narrative set in a deeply crafted world filled with wonders and dangers alike. Scarlet Rose delivers an exceptional JRPG experience that pays homage to beloved classics.

Key Features

Embark on an epic journey

Join Luma on her quest to lift her curse of immortality. Will she conquer her challenge and find solace? Or will she be swallowed up by the seeming inevitable tide of life's transient despair?

Bulid up your kingdom

Gather resources, rally your citizens, and fortify your kingdom as it grows into a force to be reckoned with! Prepare yourself to repel the looming demonic onslaught.

Engage in strategic combat

Dive into exhilarating strategy-driven turn-based combat! Master input-driven commands to unleash vicious combos allowing you to vanquish all enemies who stand in your way.

Contract the powers of the gods

Forge unbreakable alliances with sacred trans-dimensional beings. Safeguard your kingdom and vanquish enemies using their unmatched power.

Create unique strats and builds

Experience the satisfaction of your own innovations through gameplay systems that invite you to explore a limitless array of diverse class builds and viable tactics.

Explore perilous dungeons

Venture into the forgotten realms of ancient ruins and abandoned sacred sites. Unearth rare artifacts and unique treasures to propel your epic quest.

Our Heroes!


The immortal warrior

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